A Successful Virtual Student Described

Students accepted to Miami-Dade Online Academy are given an opportunity of a lifetime. Students accepted to MDO school must demonstrate a successful academic performance by maintaining or exceeding the grades they started with when accepted into our magnet program. Failure for the student to maintain high academic standards at MDO may lead to the withdrawal from our school.  Learning and applying the grade level specific standards in the comfort of their home is a privilege and an honor. Parents and students develop a greater respect for each other as they work together at managing a full-time public school in their home. The student is made aware of the responsibilities, and the parent monitors the student every day. The student is responsible for completing the daily assignments and following a daily six-period schedule while learning the standards and applying the concepts. Every day, students will build on the knowledge of the prior day and strengthen their understanding. If applicable, the student should conduct research and utilize proper source citations, quoting, and paraphrasing to avoid plagiarism. Academic dishonesty is not tolerated. It is the responsibility of all students to demonstrate their knowledge by submitting their work, studying, focusing on future endeavors, and earning the grades for promotion and graduation.  Students that do not successfully complete their courses will receive a failing grade.  Our school does not offer summer school or course recovery. Therefore, if they fail a course, the student will not be enrolled for the next semester. Students must take all State required testing at their non-charter public school closest to their home.  Failure to sit for these tests, is an automatic withdrawal to their residential school without grades.