Associates of Arts

An Associates of Arts degree pathway is utilized to transfer to four year colleges and protected by the Articulation Agreement among all Florida public institutions of higher education. Earning an Associates of Arts degree at a Florida college guarantees admission into one of the eleven Florida state universities where a four-year Bachelor’s degree can be completed, however, it does not guarantee admission into the school of your choice. Our Students can graduate from high school with their Associates of Arts degree through programs offered in Miami-Dade Online Academy such as AP courses, Dual Enrollment, and Early Admissions.

Aside from having guaranteed admission to Florida state universities there are additional benefits to graduating with your Associates of Arts degree. Those benefits include the following:

  • Admission priority 
  • Junior standing when transferring to a Florida State University •
  • Waiver of freshman admission standards such as SAT/ACT scores
  • Waiver of General Education Core requirements

Simultaneously, completing your secondary education and Associates of Arts degree is challenging and time consuming, but it also shaves two years off from your postsecondary education. In the end, you will be walking two graduations in the same year and when your peers are wearing white at your high school graduation, you’ll be in black gowns symbolizing this great accomplishment.

Note: Graduating with an Associates of Arts degree does not guarantee that a non-Florida institution will accept these credits.